The Face Painters want to hear your thoughts! We are always accepting submissions for featured posts. Our posts often take the form of poems, reviews, collections of images, short-form creative writing, cultural commentary, or interviews. Feel free to experiment and choose the format that best suits your content.

To submit, please email

1. A PDF with text and at least one image or video, formatted the way you want to see it on the site, and
2. The image(s) as a separate JPG, minimum width 670, 2 MB or less, at least 72 dpi, or the video embed link (640 x 360).



The Face Painters have a monthly submission project called "BODY DOUBLES," and we need your help! We are asking you to make 2-D portraits of the same subject, to be published together on the website. This month we are painting Athletes. Experimental pieces are welcome!

To submit, please e-mail

1. A single image as an attachment to the e-mail, minimum width 670, 2 MB or less, at least 72 dpi, and
2. Name, title, materials, date, and dimensions (in inches).

Please include "Athletes" as the subject line.

We prefer high quality images; if you have any questions or need help documenting your work, do not hesitate to contact us.

All entries must be received by March 7th, 2014!

By submitting you give The Face Painters permission to use your credited images.